Four Benefits of Going Paperless with Apps for Inspections

Four Benefits of Going Paperless with Apps for Inspections

Published on: 14-01-2015 | by Misty in AIBS app, app for mandatory inspection, Apps for Inspections, digital forms, enterprise mobility, Inspection Apps, mandatory inspections app, mobile workforce, paperless, paperless forms

The Apps for Inspections is a revolutionary new technology that, at its core, aims to simplify reporting and management processes by converting these into paperless systems. However, for most businesses, taking this big leap from what they are used to with their management and reporting is a daunting decision to make.

The Doubts That Managers Have

They typically ask, “Is it worth upgrading to this system when we already have a computerized management system in place?” We could say, without doubt, that the Mandatory Inspections App is definitely a solution that every surveyor company should be looking into. For one, the paperless app and its offer of full enterprise mobility can bring about several benefits to your company, should you decide to take the leap of faith and implement this system into your workflow.

What Are These Benefits?

These are the 4 benefits that your company will enjoy when you decide to go paperless and invest in the app:

  1. Workflows become expedited
    Filling out paperwork can cause the workflow to run into a bottleneck at some point as the person or persons responsible are bogged down with the reporting. With the paperless forms that the app’s mobile workforce can use, however, the process is remarkably expedited. One can note an improvement of at least 20% of the reporting process’ turnaround time with the AIBS App implemented.

  2. Things become less expensive
    By eliminating the need to maintain a supply of paper, the company can cut down on their operational expenses by at least 30%. As paper becomes less needed within the organization, the company can realize significant amounts of savings over time. Thus, we can say that the Inspection Apps can also help in improving a company’s financial stature and cash flows.

  3. Documents can be safeguarded against data theft
    It’s already apparent that providing one’s workforce with paper copies of client data leaves the firm open for data theft. What’s to stop a surveyor from making their own copies along the way back to the office? The use of digital forms eliminates that risk, thus making the firm a more reliable entity in the process for being able to protect the sensitive data that are entrusted to it.

  4. Reporting becomes transparent
    Another reason why paperwork is dangerous to a Surveyors’ Company is the fact that it can be altered, manipulated, or forged. What’s to stop an errant employee from sending a satisfactory report for an otherwise unsatisfactory survey? With the App for Mandatory Inspections in place, such behavior can be easily tracked – the reports are automatically tagged with the username of the person who sent the report.

Businesses will really benefit from investing in Apps for Inspections. The app is definitely the solution they need in order to become a reliable and effective entities, with a workforce that is both productive and transparent.

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