Formitize Blogs Digest - August 2014

Formitize Blogs Digest - August 2014

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A quick glance at the latest content published by Formitize in August

August was a BIG month for all of us at Formitize. August witnessed the launching of a WORLD FIRST: Formitize teamed up with Xero in a powerful two-way integration that will change the future of field-based reporting. This match made in heaven even brought our team to Xerocon 2014. Here’s what went down at Formitize in August.

WORLD FIRST: Formitize Announces Powerful Two-way Integration with Xero

SYDNEY, Australia August 2014 – The creators of Formitize – an amazing paperless App used by many businesses worldwide – have unveiled wonderful news for organizations with a mobile workforce everywhere. Formitize are the first mobile forms solution in the world to team up with Xero in a powerful two-way integration that will change the future of field based reporting - making paperwork paperless.

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How to Optimize Business Processes Using Pest Control App

Pest Control App provides easier and faster way of managing reports and client data using an online web-based management portal as your database. The app optimizes your business operations by automating existing processes and making your paperwork paperless. It is easy to use and very reliable, and it offers so many features designed to increase productivity and efficiency in your company.

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Formitize Launches Traffic Management App to Aid in Transition to Paperless

SYDNEY, Australia August 2014 – The developers of Formitize – a valuable tool that has modernized businesses worldwide – has launched Traffic Management App. This important tool helps in the seamless transition of traffic management businesses from a paperwork setting to a paperless one.

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How to Run a Successful Business with Transport Management Software

Every management job is a typical nightmare, but transport management tops them all. As a transport manager, you are not only managing people but you’re also responsible for overseeing schedules and coming up with solutions whenever an anticipated traffic interruption occurs. Using paper and telephone solutions is simply not enough. To efficiently manage transportation systems, transport managers need solutions such as Transport Manager Software.

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Management at a Glance with Transport Manager App

A transport manager deals with so many things at the same time. You may be dealing with one sector of your grid in one moment, and then you will have to turn your attention to another. Making things more difficult is the fact that you have to keep your eye on so many things at a time but you also have to be ready for something that suddenly pops up, like an emergency somewhere.

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Formitize Introduces Removalist Manager App to Boost Mobile Workforce Efficiency

SYDNEY Australia, August 2014 – Innovators of revolutionary Formitize business app introduces Removalist Manager App to enhance enterprise mobility and to improve organization workflow.The Furniture Removals Software increases efficiency as digital forms replace paper files and company data is stored in a safe cloud environment.

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How Building Surveyors App Can Improve Business Processes

Every manager is concerned about making their business processes as efficient as possible. If there are ways to make a process 100% efficient, of course, a manager is going to rise up to the challenge. Nowadays, it is possible to raise the bar on process efficiency by up to 90% thanks to the technology that is now available. One of these innovations is the mobile Building Surveyors App.

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